Create Your Own Gaming Affiliate Site From GAMERPAY!

Earning from affiliate marketing has become very common, almost every 3rd person who is earning online money is doing affiliate marketing.

But, there are very few people who are creating their own affiliate site and earning a good amount of money.

Creating your own Gaming Affiliate website is in high demand, there are only few gaming affiliate websites and all are a huge it.

Video gaming is a booking market right now, worth almost $200 billion dollars in total and by some estimates growing over 20% over the past year alone.

But, creating a video gaming affiliate is a long and cumbersome process.  You might have to shell out some dollars as well or will require some resource to create a fancy and attractive website.

Well first of all you would need to crate and design a website about popular video games.

Then you would need to constantly, every day, create new compelling content, all about the latest video gaming news and reviews for your visitors to read.

Then you would have to somehow rank your site on google.

And then you would have to somehow monetize your site with video gaming related offers.

All this sounds way too hard, way too time consuming and way too difficult to anyone.

Good News is that, there is one such web based tool with name “GAMERPAY” which will help you to create a great Gaming Affiliate site.

GAMERPAY is a web-based software that creates fully automated Video Gaming Affiliate site.

One can generate affiliate commissions from the world’s most popular video games, like WORLD of WARCARFT and FORTNITE.

To create your own Video Game Affiliate Site, you just require 3 steps.


Choose a games, there are 25 of the world’s most popular games all setup for you to choose from, including Fortnite, World of Warcarft, Minecract, Call of Duty.  The software also provides a custom option wherein you can have any game you want in your gamerpay site.


Enter your Amazon Affiliate ID.  If you do not have, create a one, it’s free to sign up.

Amazon is the default monetization gamerpay has, but it also allows you to add your own ads and even adsense code as alternative method.


Click a button and boom, that’s it your video gaming affiliate site is ready.  You are now the proud owner of a stunning cool website all about one of the world’s most popular video games.

Now you will get daily content related to your chosen game, reviews and banner ads for Amazon gaming products plus email marketing campaigns.  You will start your earning from day one.

GamerPay Sites rank on GOOGLE

It is really very hard to rank a particular website on Google.  Google needs original content.

Creating original content for your site is what helps build your site’s reputation with both users and google.

Creating compelling and useful content will likely influence your website more than any other factors.

It is clear that according to Google themselves, creating regular original content for your site is the single biggest factor in ranking highly in Google search.

GamerPay creates and posts original content to your site for every day in an extremely smart way.

What GamerPay does?

Gamerpay transcribes YouTube videos from your chosen channel into content for you!

Gamerpay literally turns videos into great new original content for your sites.

Plus you can add as many different YouTube Channels as you want to create more and more original content for your site!

GamerPay Monetize your Site!

Gamerpay does it with incredible Dynamic Amazon Deal Ads.

All gamerpay sites featue banner ads pre-installed for you.  Each day your ads will show new huge daily discount offers for video gaming products that your visitors can buy on Amazon.

The ads are fully dynamic and will update each day as Amazon introduces new daily deals.

All your banner ads are fully integrated with your amazon affiliate ID in place, so any time someone buys an offer through your ad you get full credit for the sale.

Yo do not need to do a thing other than enter your Amazon Affiliate IT when you create your site.

Gamerpay positions your ads in a way that is designed to maximize conversions, you also have options to place your ads wherever you want on your site.

Gamerpay also gives you an ability to add your own custom ads, you can add clickbank banner codes, or even your own custom banners that click through to any URL you want. 

What Will You Get From GamerPay?

Easy Setup. Choose your site and Go!

Choose from 25 of the world’s top games, enter your amazon affiliate if for monetization and click a button.  All sites are hosted with unlimited bandwidth.

100% Automatic site monetization with ads for daily amazon deals on video game products and review posts for new video game releases

With the click of a button your site comes pre-monetized with full review posts for new video game releases, for daily deals on amazon for video games and video game accessories.  All of them with your amazon affiliate link preinstalled for you, so you get full credit for any sales.

Get daily high quality content for your site on total autopilot.

You will get high quality content posted to your site for you in a fully automated blog all about your chosen game.  You will never have to make a blog post again!  All the content created by gamerpay will be all about the news from your chosen game, complete with images, videos everything your visitors will love!

100% original content from YouTube Automatically!

All the content on your Gamerpay sites is sources from YouTube channels related to your chosen game.  It is auto-transcribed by our software and then spun to the totally original content for you

Fully integrated autoresponder service, with automated email marketing campaigns.

Just like having aweber or getresponse for your site, but with no monthly fees!  Unlimited subscribers, unlimited lists and send unlimited emails.

Plus you can send done for your automated marketing campaigns to your subscribers, sending amazon deals and video game review with your amazon affiliate id auto-embedded!

No Manual work needed. It's the simplest software to use ever.

With gamerpay there is no complicated setup.  No need to create an app, no need to sign up for any other services, it really is as simple as choosing a game, entering your amazon affiliate id and clicking a button!

24/7 100% automation!

The software will work for you every single day forever creating content, growing your lists, generating commissions with adsense and clickbank monetization, ranking on google.  All on 100% Autopilot!

All Fully Hosted

No need to pay any hosting costs.  Gamerpay sites are fully hosted for you, so any commissions are pure profit!

Use your own domain

Yes that’s right, you can use any domain for your Gamerpay site.

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