Get Paid by Writing Reviews!

When i started blogging couple of years back, i was not aware that i can earn money by writing.  

Not writings e-books or articles but writing reviews of products and services. 

Reviews can be of on a online product which you have purchased through online or any services which you have availed to carry out some work.  Reviews can be negative or positive, that depends on your feedback whether you liked that product or not.  

These reviews are very critical, a negative review if goes viral, it can shut down a full-grown company.  Whereas if there are some positive reviews then it increase the sale of that product.

Normally a person who has taken that product or services will write reviews.  

But there are some professionals who write reviews by conducting surveys and who gathers information and feedback from customers who have used that product. 

In this blog, we will see how one can earn real money by writing honest reviews.  There are some companies who pay $10 for a single review.  There are people who earn more than $100 in a day by writing reviews that to just working for 2 – 3 hrs in a day.


Mouthshut is one just website which actually pays a good amount of money if you write reviews about a particular product of service. is a consumer driven review website!

They provide with a platform to voice consumer insights on lakhs of products and services that are manufactured and sold to consumers across the world. Here, the maxim – Consumer is King – gains ground reality.  

They are spread across 16 major categories and countless sub-categories. There platform gives you an opportunity to write frank and forthright reviews on products and services that you have used or have some updates about that product, thus helping everyone to decide whether to buy a product or to just ignore. 

Similarly, reviews written by other members will enable you make the right choice. You can also compare products, post blogs, upload pictures and get city-based information.

So How do I start

The first step is to register yourself.  Registering on MouthShut is a very easy process. Click on the ‘ FREE SIGN UP‘ link on the top-right corner of any page and fill up the registration form. Once you click on register, an email will be sent to your mailbox for verification.

Your personalized account is created!

You can now easily change your password, create your Personal Profile and set up the filter mechanism.

How to Write reviews?

    • Writing a review on is easy. Just follow any of the following steps to write your review:
  • Click on the ‘Write Review‘ tab on the top right corner of any page & type the name of any product you wish to review, an auto suggestion will help your search to find the right product.
  • Search for your desired product/service and click on the ‘Write Review‘ tab on the selected page.
  • Pick a product or service you’ve bought or used. Share your personal experience about it.
  • Keep your reviews informative to help others make buying decisions
  • Write as many reviews per day. No more keeping your Mouth Shut. No upper limits to how much you can earn!
  • There are no specific rules to be followed but we would like to give you a few tips. When your review is well written, more readers will read and rate it. These few tips will help you write a better quality review.
    • Keep your review informative – minimum 250 words.
    • Share your true experience.
    • Avoid abusive or offensive language.
    • Avoid personal information. (email, phone number, address)
    • Write well. Check your grammar and punctuation. This will help others easily understand what you have written.
    • Remember, well formatted reviews invite more readers!

How do I rate a Review?

  • When you finish reading a review, you will find a panel at the bottom of the page, asking you to rate how useful the review has been for you. Choose the option that best reflects what you think.  
  • This option is available only to members. Go to the bottom of the review and enter your comments in the “Comment Box”. You can put as many comments as you want on the same review.

How do I earn?

  • MS Points are rewards you earn for activities on, such as writing a review and inviting friends.’s system is designed to update in real-time. However, it may take upto 48 hours to reflect all the valid MS Points in your account. Junk, Spam, Plagiarized and copied reviews are not eligible for MS Points.  Currently we allow you to encash MS Points. This means will transfer you cash rewards in your bank account.

You need minimum 500 MS Points to encash the rewards in your bank account.  Bonus MS Points are points that get credited into your account based on your extra activities on  Yes. Thousands of mouthshut members have already experienced it. Many have earned more than Rs. 20,000 already!  You can win MS Points by writing reviews and inviting your friends to join MouthShut. These points can be encashed at a later stage.  You can find the summary of your earned MS Points on MS Points History page under your profile section.

Other Source of Earning through MouthShut!

  •  There is one more way of earning online money, this is through Share-Win Contest.  Write-Share-Win Contest is all about sharing your true experiences about the products/services you used. 
  • Positive experience will win 10 MS Points and Negative one will get you earn 20 MS Points.  Simple! Just post your true experiences about any product/brand/service on & share the review on your Twitter account, you will become eligible for the Write-Share-Win contest.  The moment you share your true & genuine experience, you get eligible to earn through this contest. Your review will be verified by our team & if found genuine, the corresponding MS Points will be credited to your account.

To get eligible for the Write-Share-Win contest, & in order to earn MS Points from the reviews written, sharing them on Twitter is mandatory.  

You can share your reviews from the ‘Thank You’ page that appears after review submission. Also you can know the status of all your unshared reviews & share them on Twitter from the Contest page.  You can know the status all your approved, disapproved & pending reviews along with shared status from the Contest page.


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