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The pandemic has changed things forever, for almost everyone.

People struggled to make ends meet and to succeed in their businesses.  Everyone craved human interaction.  Emotion ran will.  We were introduced to the concept of WFH, which is work-from-home.

When the world was locked down, physical visits quickly transformed into Audio / Video calls.  Conference room meetings changed into Video conferencing.  Glamorous house parties turned into video parties.

Work From Home

Such was the impact of Covid-19 pandemic that this seems to be normal.

All big companies across the world have asked most of their employees to continue working from home.  Smaller businesses have given up their physical offices altogether shifting to a virtual set-up.

People are left with only one option, the option to work remotely.

So obviously, video meeting and conferencing is the only alternative to face-to-face human interaction.  It actually the only way any business can survive.

Webinars have become the greatest mode of knowledge dissemination and big group interaction.

Video conferencing is not just any technology that you can do without.  It is essential for basic survival in this digital fast growing world.

Advantages of Using Video Conferences, Webinars and meetings

Video Conference

Video conferences, webinars, meetings and podcast aren’t just connecting people.  They are important sales tools for businesses and marketers.

When used effectively, they can turn into traffic magnets, bringing you close to your end customers.

It has the potential to help you make commissions onwards of $1000 immediately!

Video Conference Applications

But, there are some drawbacks, these video conferencing tools or applications like Zoom, Go meeting, Webex and Microsoft Team charge exorbitant fees to host meetings.

Plus, virtual stage fright is a very real phenomena.  Not everyone can go live on a webinar and speak to thousands of attendees.

And, then comes the risk of setting up a webinar, working so hard on the content only to realize that no is attending it.

Here is one application which can overcome all the challenges, presenting “LifeMeet”.

Welcome the new face of video conference hosting.  You will shortly experience limitless hosting, unprecedented traffic and exponential boost in sales!

  • No more isolation from beginners.
  • No more suffering at the hands of nasty bosses.
  • Welcome instant connection with beautiful people across the globe.
  • Welcome abundant happiness and prosperity.


The newest face of video conference hosting and internet marketing that will put you on top of the charts!

In 3 Simple Steps

  • Step 1: Get Access | Get access to the newest upgrade to video conferencing at the lowest one-time cost ever.
  • Step 2: Create Link | In just 1-click, create your unique link for a webinar (live or Pre-recorded), video meeting or live conference.
  • Step 3: Profit | Engage and convert your audience into paying customers.

Features of LifeMeet

Once you have purchased Lifemeet, you put an end to paying other platforms like Zoom, Webex, Go meeting and Microsoft teams.

They may appear effective, however they make you do the heavy-lifting while charging you a bomb for restricted hosting and running of webinars and video meetings.

Now that you have the newest technology, you get access to everything that is already done for you.  Limitless hosting is at your fingertips with no barriers in terms of number of webinars.

You do not even have to reach out to everyone yourself and hope for the audience to join.  Autoresponders of Lifemeet do that for you.  Your webinars are designed to attract limitless free traffic.

Apart from this, Lifemeet affiliate products are also very appealing and are guaranteed to convert.  All you need to do is click a button to make thousands of dollars of commissions.

LifeMeet is For Everyone......

  1. Teachers and coaching centers who want to reach out to students and share knowledge.
  2. Professional who want to an alternate source of income.
  3. All those people who are currently using dated technology at a much higher price.
  4. Any school or college student or even drop-outs who want to make instant money.
  5. Work-from-home people.
  6. Those who want to stay connected with their near and dear ones who they can’t meet in person.
  7. Any kind of marketer who wants to dominate a particular niche.
  8. Small are large business owners who don’t want to part with their profits

LifeMeet is Worth Buying!

LifeMeet makes money-saving easy and money-making easier!

Here you have got this amazing platform that lets you give up your subscription to expensive video conferencing tools in a heartbeat.

You get access to next-gen technology at an incredibly lower price, that you have to pay just once!.

So, now you can:

  • Host limitless webinars, video meetings and conferences with attendees.
  • Rely on rock-solid cloud servers that provides exceptional quality.
  • Appear live even without being live using pre-recorded videos.
  • Earn big commissions promoting affiliate products and offers.
  • Reach out to your target audience at once without lifting a finger.
  • Stay on top of your game with the newest technology that keeps your data safe.

So, in short you will experience:

More traffic and sales.

Explosive growth in profits.

More free-time to do things you love.

Boost in income and higher savings.

Quality time with loved ones.

All the luxuries and happiness in the world.

LifeMeet is designed to help marketers earn more profit as compared to other competing platforms!

Surprise Bonus!

  • Bonus 1 – DFY 30+ Webinar Courses | Get 30+ DFY courses that you can use with LifeMeet to make an instant profit without any recording, without finding the subject.  Just share your screen with these pre-recorded courses.
  • Bonus 2 – Readymade Consulting and Business Website | This is fully responsive fast and easy customizable trendy consulting and business laravel CMS script.  You can change any section as your choice very easily.  It is fully responsive and fit it all popular browsers and devices.  It provides you so many awesome features for build agency, business, company, consulting, corporate, creative, finance and related website.
  • Bonus 3 – LifeMeet Total Client Manager | This tool make your complex sales activity a lot easier.  Never again miss a meeting or miss on a quote or miss a client for poor management.  With SalesGo, put your best foot forward and ace your sales card.
  • Bonus 4 – LifeMeet User Manager | LifeMeet user manager is a handy script for applications that are required a user-based authentication system.  It is beneficial to save much of your development hours and focus on the key features.

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