Why monetization is not working?

This blog is for people who wants to earn passive income or side income, either they want to monetize their blogs, articles, YouTube channels or do affiliate marketing. 

These people work for hours on their website so that they can monetize it as they need some side income that can be used to clear daily expenses.  However, not all are successful.  

Some of them failed miserably as they do not use the correct strategy of monetization.  In this blog, I will explain some of the tips and tricks which you need to follow to monetize your website.  We will collate some of the reasons as to why your website or your YouTube Channel is not being monetized even after using some good advertising platforms and software’s.

A good blogger can earn up to $10 – $100 in a day, this all depends on the blog content, advertisements and niche.  All these play and important role in monetizing a particular websites.

The same applies for YouTuber as well

Here are some of the few reasons as to why you are failing in monetizing your website, YouTube Channel, Article or Online store.


An average blogger gets at least 3k-4k visitors in a day.  If you are getting a traffic, which is less than 3k, then there could be a problem with your SEO or keywords or the audience. 

In market there are paid as well as free website traffic generator applications.  If you do not have budget to invest in any paid application, please go with the free one.  I suggest you to go with “Wad.ojooo.com“, this is one of the best web browser application which is free to use.  You can select the traffic exchange option, which can enable traffic to your website.

In a week, you will see good results, a blog which used to have 100 visitors in a day will turn into 1000+ visitors.  If you use this application correctly you earn $10 daily, there is also an affiliate program policy which can be an added advantage for you.


You need to advertise your blogs and website to correct niche or audience.  For example, if your website or blog is related to youth and if your niche is having older people then definitely this will not work.  

There will be hardly any youth coming to your website, you will have to replace niche of older people to younger people.  Your conversion rate depends on niche.  There are people who have more than 10,000 people but then also they are unable to generate $1 traffic in a day, this is all because of the wrong niche.


What is SEO?  SEO stands for “search engine optimization“.  It is a process to get traffic from the free organic and natural ways.  SEO changes some of the design concept of your website and your content.  It also optimizes the website for search engine.  By applying a good SEO, one can increase the visibility in the organic, search engine results.  “Yoast” is one of the best SEO for bloggers who want to earn good amount of money through SEO.

Social platforms

Every third person in this world has his own social account, be it be Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest, etc.

You can double you traffic if you are posting your blogs or website contents on social media platforms.   You can use facebook ads, twitter ads, instagram ads to advertise your website as it can reach to hundreds and thousands of people in no time.  A successful blogger has account in all social media platform.


A list of successful keywords can make your website viral and famous.  

Keywords are the most searched words in any search engine like Google, Yahoo or any other search engine.

If you use a keyword, which is the most searched in internet then there are chances that you will get more traffic and eventually get more earnings.

Use Google Keyword Planner to look out for good keywords with good points.

Google Search Console

Please make a note that each and every link are indexed, this will help the link to rank in Google.

Every link in your website should be indexed in Google search console.  Along with the links, the sitemap also should be indexed.  Once all your links are indexed, you will see organic traffic coming on your website and YouTube channel.

Google search console is basically to get your site ranked in Google, one can also try Bing Webmaster Tools, which is similar to Google search console.

If you still are unable to monetize it, then you need to seriously look into your content.

Ensure your content is 100% real, unique and legit.  A content which is copied from other sources will never quality for monetization.

Even if the monetization is there, the earnings will be very less.  This means, you will hardly earn few dollars in a year.


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